Getting into ‘flow states’ is the Holy Grail of productivity and performance

Getting into ‘flow states’ is the Holy Grail of productivity and performance

Staying productive has never been so hard. Notifications from Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, and more are making people more distracted than ever.

Many people feel like they’re doing a hundred things at once, but leave the office feeling like they got nothing done. Well, it’s got a lot to do with shrinking concentration spans. In fact, a Microsoft study found people’s attention spans have plummeted 33% in just two decades. (1)

Being distracted and unfocused is not something to shrug off. It can jeopardize people’s ability to hit their work targets and put them at risk of blowing their chances of a promotion. Even worse, it can mean losing out to coworkers who can stay focused and get stuff done.

While some people waste hours scrolling endlessly through Instagram, others are finding ways to hack their brains to achieve optimal productivity, almost at will.

An Easier Way of Attaining Flow States

One of the ways many people are seeking to achieve optimal productivity is by getting into a ‘flow state’.(2) At this point you may be thinking, “What is a flow state?” To put it simply, it’s when the brain is hyper-focused, in the zone, and can power through tasks for hours straight.

But to achieve a flow state, the brain needs to be at the right frequency. This frequency is when ‘alpha waves’ appear.

As reported in Psychology Today, neuroscientists have found alpha waves help to support creativity and concentration. Until recently, the only way to trigger alpha waves was through sending electrical pulses through the brain or deep meditation.

Finally, a supplement that helps support cognitive functions, including Memory, Mental Speed, and Focus

Nootropics have exploded in popularity over the last decade. They’re promoted as ‘smart drugs’ able to promote cognitive function, memory, creativity, and motivation(3)

Many make outlandish claims on what they can do, few have social proof to back them up.

Alpha BRAIN® is different.

If you want your brain to work better, you need to concentrate on two things: getting it to make more alpha waves, and supporting the production of neurotransmitters,† chemicals that relay information in and from the brain. Alpha BRAIN® was formulated with both goals in mind.

With its trademarked ingredient blends, Alpha BRAIN® helps builds an environment in which the brain can operate on all cylinders, and protects its functioning for lasting mental clarity.†

How Alpha BRAIN® Works

What exactly is in Alpha BRAIN® that’s able to trigger ‘flow states’ of peak focus?

Most nootropics take the ‘salad bowl’ approach, where ingredients are thrown together in the hope that one or two will have an effect. Whereas in Alpha BRAIN®, all the ingredients have been hand picked to support a specific purpose. They’ve then been combined to create three proprietary blends:


Amino acids and vitamins that help support working memory, a stress response, and healthy well-being.


Herb extracts designed to support healthy levels of the messenger chemical acetylcholine for creative thinking and sustained concentration.


Compounds shown to support a healthy flow of nutrients and oxygen to keep the brain firing on all cylinders.

All three blends are combined into every Alpha BRAIN® pill. So it could be described as being like three nootropics in one.

What also makes Alpha BRAIN® exceptional is that it contains zero CAFFIENE. In fact, Alpha BRAIN®’s formula is so clean it’s been tested and certified by the BSCG Certified Drug Free® program.(7)

100% Carefully Selected Brain Health Nutrients

Alpha BRAIN® one-of-a-kind formula contains the following herb extracts that promote cognitive performance:

Endorsed by Joe Rogan

Celebrated by athletes and performers alike, chief among them is Joe Rogan. As a popular Podcaster, UFC commentator, and standup comic, Joe knows better than most the vital need to keep his brain in tip top shape.

It’s why he helped to create Alpha BRAIN®. So that more people can benefit from advances in nootropic science to promote their cognitive power and performance.

Joe is a great believer in people ‘doing the work’ to achieve great results, whether in sports, careers, or their personal lives.

It’s a safe bet you will be hearing Joe discuss Alpha BRAIN® on his podcast often. With Alpha BRAIN®’s triple blend formula, people can get the edge in focus and productivity that will help them achieve their goals and outperform the competition.