Refund Policy

Refund Policy
This website ( is owned and operated by DEALS HUB EGYPT S.A.E
DEALS HUB EGYPT S.A.E ( Company”, “we”,or “us”) offers many different software’s, courses and even live training to students each of which have their own refund policies.
يقدم موقع
العديد من البرامج المختلفة ، والدورات التدريبية ، وحتى التدريب المباشر للطلاب وللكل منها سياسات استرداد خاصة بها

Some purchases (such as our live training’s) come with a NO REFUNDED policy . given the amount of time energy and skills that go into creating and hosting the live event.
Our digital training products carry a 7 day money back guarantee.
How To Request A Refund ?
If you would like more information about the refund process, or you would like to request a refund on a product that you purchase, please contact our support team via email at and to help expedite the process,please use the word REFUND in the subject line.

Our team will contact you back and see IF your situation can be resolved. If the issues cannot be resolved and you are within the refund window, then we will honor our refund guarantee.
All requests must be made via email so they can be properly dated and documented.
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Effective as of May 22, 2022